Balguti 2020

Balguti is a collection of medicines that are useful for the baby's nature. There are 2 types of cubs in the market, one in the form of syrup, and one in the form of a collection of original plant parts. Guti in the form of syrup is also very easy to give. It makes good use for a baby's daily growth. The guti that is boiled is given about 20-30 medicines, in the form of their original or wood. This guti is made by scratching the medicines you need from it. The advantage of this guti is that these home remedies can be done for small diseases of the baby. But it takes a lot of care of cleanliness about the spit. Handling a baby is as hard as carrying a pot full of oil. So, if any insects from anywhere in the baby's body, a major problem can arise.

Dill Seed

Balant Shepa


Helicteres isora / marod phali

False black pepper / Widding

Pomegranate peel / anaar chhilaka

Tamarind Seeds / चिंचोका /इमली के बीज

Asparagus racemosus / शतावरी / shatavari

Indian ginseng / Ashwagandha / अश्वगंधा

Fever nut / Sagargota

Raw turmeric / saabut haldee

Deer Horns / Murudsheng

Myrobalan / Balhirda

Dry dates / Khareek

Almond / Badam / बदाम

Dry ginger / Suntha / सुंठ

Brlliant gardenia gum / Dikemali

Holarrhena antidysenterica / Kuda

Quercus infectoria / Mayphal

Pistacia intex / Kakadshingi

Aconitum heterophyllum / Ativisha

Nut Grass / Nagarmotha

Licorice / Jyeshthamadha

Terminalia bellirica / Behada

Sweet flag / Vekhand

Nutmeg / Jayphal

Long pepper / Pimpli

Myrobalens / Hirda