Baluti made at home

A person can make balguti at home using the stone (or shahan in Marathi) used for rubbing chambu in the house. Rotate the herbs on the stones as a lubricant with water or as a grease or rub the feces. You can see that as you increase the number of turns on the stone, the herbs leave the pastey residue on the stone behind. This pasteurized mixture of all herbs in different doses is a baby pudding.For a very young child, give only the necessary medicine paste along with almonds (almonds) and kharik (dried dates). The dose is low, just one turn for each herb. As the child grows, the child grows one turn each month. According to the child's needs, the dose of each drug is adjusted by minimizing its changes on the stone.

Dill Seed

Balant Shepa


Helicteres isora / marod phali

False black pepper / Widding

Pomegranate peel / anaar chhilaka

Tamarind Seeds / चिंचोका /इमली के बीज

Asparagus racemosus / शतावरी / shatavari

Indian ginseng / Ashwagandha / अश्वगंधा

Fever nut / Sagargota

Raw turmeric / saabut haldee

Deer Horns / Murudsheng

Myrobalan / Balhirda

Dry dates / Khareek

Almond / Badam / बदाम

Dry ginger / Suntha / सुंठ

Brlliant gardenia gum / Dikemali

Holarrhena antidysenterica / Kuda

Quercus infectoria / Mayphal

Pistacia intex / Kakadshingi

Aconitum heterophyllum / Ativisha

Nut Grass / Nagarmotha

Licorice / Jyeshthamadha

Terminalia bellirica / Behada

Sweet flag / Vekhand

Nutmeg / Jayphal

Long pepper / Pimpli

Myrobalens / Hirda