vasundhara balguti

A baby is the centre of all the joy and affection of a family! In the good old days we had the tradition of giving a mix of special herbs, called Balghuti to the little ones to protect and promote good health. This mix comprising of multiple herbs that buildup good health and strengthen the Daignutl syrup from Within, was prepared using a special flat grindstone. In the modern times, with busy schedules and life at a fast pace, preparing the Balghuti by this tradition.onal method is indeed laborious and time consuming. Keeping in mind the mother's concern for her baby's health and the lack of time Pitambari Reasearch Division has now brought the Balghuti in syrup form. Vasundhara Balghuti Syrup preserves all the traditional goodness of Balghuti while making it easier for the mothers to ensure good health of their baby.

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सोया बीज


विडंग / false black pepper / Vaayvidang

हरड़ / myrobalans / harad

अनार छिलका /pomegranate peel / anaar chhilaka

मृगश्रृंग / Deer Horns / mrgashrrng

इमली के बीज / Tamarind Seeds / imalee ke beej

शतावरी / asparagus racemosus / shatavari

साबुत हल्दी / Whole Turmeric / sabut haldi

अश्‍वगंधा / Indian ginseng / ash‍vagandha

कटकरंज / fever Nut / katakaranj

बादाम / Almond / baadaam

बहेड़ा / Terminalia bellirica / baheda

छुहारे / Dry dates / chhuhaare

पिंपली / Long Pepper / Pimple

सोंठ / Dry Ginger / sonth

मुलेठी / यष्टिमधु / Liquorice / Mulethi

नागरमोथा / Nut Grass / Nagarmotha

काकडशिंगी / pistacia integerrima / kakadshingi

जायफल / Nutmeg / jaayaphal

वच / Sweet Flag / vacha

अतीस / aconitum heterophyllum / Atis

कूड़ा / Kutaj / Holarrhena Antidysenterica

बाळहिरडा / Myrobalan / baahirada

माजूफल / quercus infectoria / majuphal

मरोरफली / Helicteres isora / marorphali

डिकामाली / Brilliant Gardenia gum / dikamali

सोंठ / Dry Ginger / sonth