baalguti herbs

The most basic balguti recipe, or the one that is given daily, has just 9 out of the 20 essential herbs. For the daily guti, rub the following essential herbs on stone with mother’s milk or preboiled water:

(1) Dry Dates (Kharik) (2) Almonds (Badam) (3) Liquorice (Jeshthimadh) (4) Sweet Flag (Vekhand) (5) Chebulic Myrobalan (Bal Hirda) (6) Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) (7) Dry Ginger (Suntha) (8) Atis Roots (Atis / Ativish) and (9) Turmeric (Haldi)The logic for using just 9 herbs stems from the thought that only the minimum, most essential ones be given to the baby.Till your baby develops her immune system, she is susceptible to minor ailments such as worms, cough, cold and indigestion. Daily balguti supports her immune system in this nascent stage of its development. Almonds and dried dates provide essential nutrients, while dry ginger aids in smooth digestion. Winter cherry strengthens bones and liquorice helps prevent cough. Atis has a detoxifying effect and bal hirda helps with swift excretion. Turmeric also helps in digestion and is additionally an anti bacterial as well as a blood purifier. Sweet flag kills germs and worms.