baalguti balaji tambe

baalguti balaji tambe

Santulan Balguti is an excellent herbal mixture remedy whose efficacy has been experienced countless times. Wherein Dr. Balaji  Tambehas made the traditional work very easy in one formula. Baal Guti is an Herbs mixture for Kids as per Ayurveda it increases mental grasping, Power, Immunity, bowel, Cold, Cough, fever & Promotes longevity. It helps the baby gain weight and support nourishment and helps in the overall development of the baby. Balguti helps strengthen brain and Bones, help guard against worm infection.

Special Protection for Babies.

The daily use of this guti helps in the child's growth, to improve immunity and overall health. It aids digestion and helps prevent worms.


Improved Brain growth
Bones growth
Cold and Cough
Facilitates sound sleep to the baby
Mental Grasping and Growth
Nourishes Body tissue
Power and Saptadhatu
Strengthen the Immune System
Worms disinfection