baalguti benefits

Balguti is also called Janmaguti. This is a traditional Indian Ayurvedic extract. This extract is mixed with mother's milk or water and fed to the baby. Due to the variety of medicinal plants present in the baby, it has a variety of medicinal properties. Some parents start feeding the baby from day one.Balguti is an ayurvedic medicine specially formulated for newborns. It consists of a variety of medicinal plants and the purpose of the medicine is to enable the baby's body. These mainly include Ashwagandha, Ativish, Murudsheng, Bal Hirda, Nutmeg, Turmeric root, Ginger, Kharik, Almond, Jesthamadham, Dikemali, Vekhand and Kakad Shingi. All these plants are combined to form a baby. Readymade babies are also available in the market.